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About Cibolo Creek Doodles

Meet the Breeder

Meet Your Breeder

Cibolo Creek Doodles is located north of San Antonio, Texas.  Our home, nestled into 25 acres of hill country, is a wonderful place to live and raise Australian Labradoodles.  Our dogs and puppies have plenty of room to romp and explore until their little doodle heart’s content. Cibolo Creek Doodles raises registered miniature and medium Australian Labradoodles. We are committed to responsible and ethical breeding practices that produce happy, well adjusted, well socialized puppies that have fantastic multi-generation pedigrees for each of our doodles.  

We test our breeding dogs for genetic diseases such as Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, PRA, EIC, and other tests that help evaluate the best breeding pair combination for our program.

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Raised by Our Family

Raised by our family for your family

Our dogs live in our home or with our selected Guardian Homes.  With our carefully planned litters, we start our puppy training after birth, 3 days old, until they are 8-9 weeks old.  We let them experience a variety of situations which will help them become trusting and confident adult dogs.  They are surrounded by love and immersed in all the normal sights and sounds of daily life.  Our Australian Labradoodles are our constant companions and receive individualized attention throughout the day. We do not own or operate a kennel for our dogs and never plan to have one.

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Our Commitment to You

Our Commitment to You:

We take the time with each puppy to expose them to early neurological stimulation through using the Bio Sensor Method. This has been found to enhance the puppy’s trainability and their ability to bounce back from negative stressors. Our puppies are living among the usual hustle and bustle of a busy family home. They are given undivided love and attention by our whole family. When age and weather appropriate, we introduce them to an outside area where they get to explore and become accustomed to noises and smells of the outside world.

Each puppy is handled daily. We believe starting puppy training at birth makes our doods smarter, healthier and more confident by providing them the earliest possible exposure to a variety of stimuli. Cibolo Creek Doodles utilize early neurological stimulation, as well as the Puppy Culture method which represents a gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialization. We also refer to Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test to evaluate the temperament of each puppy and help match puppy with their new owner.

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