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Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Texas

Top Labradoodle Breeder in Texas

A New Friend!

The Modern Day Man’s Best Friend

If dog breeds developed over hundreds of years were to fulfill a specific need – to hunt, fetch birds, pull sleds, search and rescue, guard property and people, etc…, it makes sense that Australian Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. An upbeat dog who is full of energy to run and play outside and knows how to be quiet and chill inside; a dog in sync with people’s emotions, who enjoys being trained and wants to please. Sociable, huggable, intelligent, funny, and intuitive.  Lastly, is allergy friendly and non-shedding. This is modern-day man's best friend.

Meet The Puppies

Best Labradoodle Breeder Texas

Adorable Doodles!

Cibolo Creek Labradoodles Commitment To You

Our goal here at Cibolo Creek Doodles, is to produce happy, healthy and sound Australian Labradoodle puppies with wonderful temperaments. We do health testing on all of our breeding dogs, and take extra measures to promote the health and well being of our puppies.

More About Us

Family Owned Labradoodle Breeder

Happy Doodles!

Raised By Our Family, For Your Family

All of our labradoodle puppies are raised in our home, as part of our family, to ensure lots of care, attention, and the best socialization and interaction possible. And don’t forget lots and lots of Love!! Our puppies receive proper vet care, are up to date on all of their vaccinations, and micro-chipped for permanent identification before leaving for their forever home. We strive to produce puppies that will be the perfect addition to your family. 
Located in Bulverde, TX we serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and other Texas communities. Contact Haley with questions or to schedule a time to meet our puppies. 210-602-9422

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